The Source Of All Human Problems, According to Sir David Attenborough

There is no one we respect more than Sir David Attenborough.  He’s such a living legend and his legacy already is internationally renowned.  So when he states something as massive as “The Source Of All Human Problems is population growth”, you have to take that seriously.

In the time that Sir David Attenborough has been making natural history programmes, the world’s population has tripled. In this short film, he explains why he thinks this rapid growth is the source of the major environmental problems facing each one of us today. While environmental change manifests itself in different ways in different parts of the globe, Sir David argues that the major issues — including how to produce enough power to support the population, and ensuring everyone has access to clean water and sanitation — affect us all.

The world’s population hit 7 billion people on October 31st, 2011.  We’re already at 7.4 billion; an increase in size that’s more than the population of The United States.  This is a scary statistic.  We’re exponentially seeing an explosive population growth internationally and it’s causing a lot of problems.

World Population Growth

But it’s slowing down.  Why?  Mainly, women’s education.  We need to focus on this more than ever before; it’s why women’s rights and equality should be a global priority.  That and the fact that women are awesome and should be given every opportunity if not more than us scumbag men.  That’s just my opinion.

We can only hope that more and more people listen to Sir David and his genius perspectives on serious issues before we realise it’s too late.  Let’s de escalate issues before they materialise and do what’s best for our species as a collective.




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