Technology Will Make You Obsolete – But That’s Good

Technology Will Make You Obsolete – But That’s Good

With humans being generally a third of the average business costs, it’s scary to think that technology is doing away with countless human jobs.  This video outlines the bleak and somewhat depressing outlook of a future where technology replaces the need for human labour.  It’s not just labour that’s at risk; creative jobs are too.

Robots are replacing all jobs

iRobot, a movie that might have predicted the future.

It’s not a far away future of some outlandish science fiction movie – Bots are here now, replacing our jobs.  Watch the fantastic video that explains why “Humans Need Not Apply”.

It’s a safety issue, not just an economic one

Humans are prone to making mistakes.  Bots aren’t.  Automation means a safer world for all of us.  Think about it.  Most transportation vehicles are human driven.  Yet, we’re starting to see the emergence of driverless cars and trucks.  Accidents on these driverless cars are far less than human driven ones.  Medical bots are far better at diagnosing disease.  Bots are not biased.  Bots are not human, meaning they don’t suffer from our inherent flaws.

Terrifying, or Inspiring?

Does the prospect of having your job made obsolete terrify you?  It should.  Right now, we’re facing obsoletion at an unprecedented rate.  We’re looking at 45% of jobs being replaced by Bots.  Gone.  To provide you a comparison, the Great Depression of the 30’s saw unemployment at 25%.

But let me change this perspective for you.  Let’s imagine a future where you don’t have to work.  You have all of your basics provided for.  You have a house.  You have cheap and nutritious food.  You have clean energy.  You have clothes, a (driverless) car, and your current luxury items.  What do you do?

What would you do?

Here’s where you can start.  Thanks to Bots, on-the-job training is possible for all sorts of roles.  You can become a doctor today.  Thanks to DoctorBots, you would be able to get real-time training and help patients side-by-side with your DocBot.  They will diagnose illnesses, administer drugs, even dress bandages – but having human interaction is always required.  You could become a teacher.  You could become an electrical engineer.  All with the guidance and oversight of a better-trained-than-a-teach Bot.  During your “studies”, you’re actually contributing to society through useful tasks and jobs.  How awesome is that?

A future worth living for

We will be the first generation – ever – to be able to experience true abundance.  We can pursue our dreams without the economic burdens of needing to work to survive.  We can become philosophers.  We can become artists.  We can become mindless inventors – all because of Bots.  It’s a unique time in history and we can either face it with fear and uncertainty – or stand up and embrace this amazing opportunity, together.  Humanity needs this.

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