Are you living in a Reality TV Show?

Have you ever caught yourself wondering if you are living in your own reality show?  It’s a thought that many of us have pondered over, when asking ourselves the tough questions around our existence.  There’s nothing like that mindless existential dread that creeps in from time to time.

Are you really living in a Reality TV Show?  Well, I can’t prove that you are (or aren’t).  But, yet here we are – reading an article about the subject!  While I have you, let’s dig a little deeper into this topic and see what evidence, merit and consequences there are, if we are living in a reality TV show.  It’s a super interesting thought experiment to give yourself a better perspective on life.

If we’re in our own reality TV Shows

If we are in our own reality TV show, it’s means that our every thought, sense and action has been recorded and aired to an unknown audience.  Your own reality TV show would be entirely from your perspective, it’s followed you your entire life and everything you see and do is aired 24/7 to an audience.  Your audience has seen literally everything you’ve ever done and can even possibly hear your inner monologue just like you can.

The people in your life – your parents, friends, loved ones – are all characters in your personal narrative.  You’re the main protagonist – the lead actor.  You have had a say in the direction of your show from the very beginning!

Like any reality TV show, the parts these characters play aren’t written by you, but you perhaps unknowingly to you, you would be in control of the overall narrative.  How?  Well, you control the decisions in your life, you control the quality of your daily interactions. You ultimately control the actions you take that will either build or break your relationships.  Your reality TV show is your very own interactive story plot unfolding in real-time that you have a direct say in the direction of.

If you’ve got a show, likely everyone else does too

Now, it’s fair to assume that if you have your own reality TV show – that the people in your show would all have their own reality show too.  Why do I say that?  Well, firstly it’s over egotistical to assume that you’re so special that you’re the only one with a show!  You’re one of billions.  Even some of the characters in your reality might have been around longer, or have more interesting narratives to follow (sorry to tell you!).

If these characters have their own shows, then their show is from their perspective.  Your father?  He’s been acting out his own show for 20 years longer than yours.  He’s been through all the tribulations you’ve been through and more.  You’re an actor in his show – his son or daughter.

Shift your perspective

Here’s a shift in perception.  Every person you’ve ever met, you’ve been a guest character in their reality TV show – just as much as they have been a guest on your show.  Each person is driven by their own narratives; their own desires, thoughts, biases and perceptions.  You are the guest on their show, seen through their own unique view.  How do you think you’re perceived by others?  You could be a protagonist, but you could just as likely be a villain in their story.

If we follow this train of thought, it shows us that we’re surrounded by people who are acting out their own narratives and stories.  Billions of us around the world.  That means each interaction you make, each person you pass along the street is the star of their own reality TV Show.

What is the role you play the most?

You have to ask yourself, what roles do you play in their story? You might be close – a father, a friend – or you might be a stranger.  For example, perhaps you were a good-looking face in the crowd on one of their stories, or maybe a friendly smile in the street.

You’re story is constantly running through other narratives, stories and adventures in the unknowing haze of your own reality show.  Since we only see our world through our own narrative, we are only seeing a thin slice of a much larger collective reality.

What’s more, each of our Reality TV Shows are completely unique.  Sure, they might have certain similar flavours and plots, but each of our shows are different.  See, you see your world through your own unique lense.  Like a camera, you apply filters, enhancements and selectively choose which footage is the most relevant to you.  Your brain does this in real-time subconsciously, without you even being aware of it!  Your brain can analyse all the information around you and knows what to look for, based on your past experiences and personal preferences.  These personal filters make up everything there is to know about you – they create your own label, that could fit into a genre, into a narrative and into a determined world-view.  You might not realise it, but we are all seeing the world through our own narrow slice of our own limited perceptions!  So there’s that.  If that sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend checking out another article about Perception.

Connecting our realities

We know your own reality show is shaped by your personal “lense”.  But what are our commonalities?  Now, most narratives are driven by an innate desire to connect with other realities. Whether you are able to become a leading role or are destined to the role of an unknown extra in another person’s narrative is entirely up to you. You can consciously decide.  The real story being written is the types of connections you make to other stories – the lasting effect you have on others, the positive changes you can make to other shows.

The key is to remember that you write the story to your own show – at least in part!  You are able to come up with creative, fun and awesome adventures. You can alter the script for the better. You can act out your desires – it’s your show, goddammit!

What type of show are you currently living in? A drama? A horror? A sad tale of victimisation, where the world is constantly creating your woes?  Here’s the secret buddy – you can write your own narrative.  Decide what you want your life story to be, then act in alignment with that story.  You can choose what type of show you’re creating – what type of show do you want to live in?  Write it down, think about how you can work towards that and then take immediate action towards it.  Do you want to star in an epic travel adventure?  Or a romantic comedy where you live a life worth living?  You can do it.

In summary

Your life is like the Truman Show – you can either allow your script to be written by someone else; following the rules, living your life on a conveyor belt of 9am – 5pm work with no alternative plot of your own – or create a story you want to live in.

If life is a Reality TV Show, and you’re the star – you damn well better act like a leading character.  Write your own script and be the best person you can be.  Be someone worth watching.

You can choose the theme of your reality show.  Write less drama into your life.  Write more excitement and happiness. It’s honestly that simple.  The secret to life is choosing the good bits over the bad bits.

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