Power of The Mind

Over the weekend, I had an inspiring 3-hour catch up with a life-long friend.  We all have those friends – you don’t speak for a while, but when you do, it’s for half a day and you walk away all caught up on each others lives, projects, hopes and dreams.

We’re both in our late twenties and we’ve known each other for near twenty years.  Like me, he’s an ultra-believer in the power of manifestation.   He takes it to the next level.  We catch up every few years for those long-winded, inspirational chats.

What’s insanely cool, is that I’ve had front row seats in his journey.

Because we tell each other about our intentions – what we’re visualising and planning for the next few years – when we catch up a few years later, I see how powerful the art of visualisation can be.  If you set your goals clearly, truly believe that they are yours – you can manifest that shit, son!

I’ve been fortunate enough to witness his journey and I can tell you that 2016 has been his year.  Some of the goals he has been telling me about for nearly a decade are happening.  It’s mindblowing!

Seeing it firsthand made me want to share this story, so you can do it too.

Seeing just how powerful the art of visualisation can be, it made me want to write about this anecdote to help others in their journies.

The power of the mind

If you’re a follower of The Secret, you know that “the secret” is the law of attraction.  Happy Buddha (you know, that bald smiling dude) once said, “All that we are is a result of what we have thought”.

Our minds have been scientifically proven to have a physiological effect on the body – by simply meditating for 5 minutes a day, you can decrease your stress- hormone cortisol levels, which in turn boosts your immune system and lowers your risk of disease.

Laboratory tests have shown that our emotions have the ability to change molecular structures of water.  This means that what we think, we create.  Whether we’re conscious of this fact – or whether we believe it – is totally irrelevant.  It’s true, it’s proven and those that are aware of this fact are better off in all aspects of their lives.

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My friend’s story of success demonstrated this to me clearer than ever before – he set a clear intention years ago and has unlocked that reality by manifesting it into his reality.  It’s not some feel-good, esoteric philosophy, it’s concrete reality.  Here are the 5 pointers you can learn from my successful friend.

1. Everything is mental

As Descartes famously said, “I think, therefore I am”.  The only thing that you can categorically prove in this life is that you “are”, because you think.  Everything around you is mental.  Your brainwaves broadcast and receive frequencies in ways we are still trying to grasp scientifically.  Your perception of reality is based on your five senses and it’s a mental concept.  Therefore, your entire existence is mental.  It’s all in your mind!

If everything is mental, how often do you spend sharpening your mind?  How often do you think about what you want in this life?  Start now.  What you can visualise, you can materialise.

2. Everything that could happen, has already happened

This point needs a whole article to elaborate on – which I have done here explaining string theory and how it affect you.  Simply put, there is a leading theory that there are an infinite number of realities happening simultaneously around us in various dimensions and universes.  This is explained fairly well in Rick & Morty actually – there’s a whole bunch of reasons why this is most likely the way reality exists.

If there is a multiverse happening around us, everything that could happen has happened.  There’s a version of you that has won an oscar.  There’s a version of you that led the French Revolution.  This version of you hasn’t been written yet; you control the story from present to future.  Because everything that could happen has happened, you can choose what you want to happen by simply thinking about it, believing in it and manifesting it into reality.

I’m not talking about flying around and shooting lazers from your eyeballs, but in terms of your life, there’s so much power in this belief. My friend is living proof of that. He’s been talking about the projects he’s doing now for 10 years. It’s incredible.

If everything has already happened, why worry about those little things?  Stop giving a shit about what people think about you.  Stop fretting over your bills.  Stop worrying about things you can’t control.  Focus on what you want, what makes you happy and what is important in your life.  It’s all happened before.  Make this life worth living!

3. Everything is connected

Everything is a series of vibrations on an electromagnetic spectrum – your comprehension of that is only a fraction of the reality that surrounds you.  Your world is mental because you can only perceive your reality from your limited perception of it.  String Theory dictates that all matter is in fact, a multi-dimensional string that is oscillating through our infinite realities, connecting us.

Imagine a piece of delicious lasagna.  We are just a layer of that reality, a single sheet of pasta.  That makes up our entire universe in our reality.  There are countless other stacks on top and below us right now, interacting with our reality and their own.  Right now, the particles that make up your body are also making up an infinite number of you in an infinite number of realities.  These particles make up the whole lasagna, where as the matter that creates our reality is merely a single slice of the action.

Crazy stuff, huh?

There are so many things we don’t know that we don’t know.  Science is starting to expose the multiverse and our universal state of connectedness.  Feel loved.  You are a part of something amazing; a universe consciousness experiencing itself in all possible realities.  You are beautiful.  Connect more with nature, with animals and with people in your life.

4. The only thing you control is your mind

Prepare yourself for some harsh truth – no matter what you think, the only thing you can truly control in this life is your mind.  Everything else is outside of your realm of control.  You alone control your thoughts.  Open your eyes to that reality and you start to understand the secret of this reality.  You can change everything when you start to look inwards.

Some would argue that with psychedelics, even our minds aren’t within our control – however, let’s not delve into that can of worms!

You control your thoughts, which in turn affect your actions.  Your actions can change your physical reality, sure.  However, it’s still outside of your control.  The best thing you can do is focus inwardly and continually develop yourself to be a better person day in, and day out.

5. Your mind shapes your reality

You need to stop focusing on what the Kardashians are doing, or what your neighbours are doing and focus on yourself.  That big brain of yours is capable of some next level shit!  In order to unlock your true potential, it’s time to focus on yourself and your reality.  Your mind shapes your reality.  Your thoughts and your emotions and your actions have immense powers of combining visualisation to manifestation.
The best ways to shape your abilities is to learn to meditate, visualise and strengthen your self-esteem.  Personally, I struggle with depression as a hereditary issue.  My whole family struggles with this.  However, being aware of it and doing everything I can to best deal with my mental health allows me to be a stronger and more empathetic person.  I do what I can to ensure I feel good about myself.  It has a tenfold effect on my life and my abilities to create my reality.


Focus on yourself; ensure you’re constantly self-improving, you’re healthy and that you’re focusing on your goals and dreams.  Be present – the here and now is all you’ll ever experience, so enjoy it.  Ensure that you know what you want and work towards it, but accept what you can’t change.

Final words?

There’s a lot to this shared reality of ours, but the rules are simple.  Learn from my friend – his ability to visualise what he wants and believing in himself led him down a path that eventuated in massive success.  He lives in an LA mansion, his businesses are worth millions and he created that through thoughts (knowing what he wants), emotions (believing it’s already happened) and actions (putting in the hard work to manifest his reality).

You can create this for yourself, now go out and do it!

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