Nobody cares


Nobody cares….

Trust me when I say this, nobody cares.

  • When you missed your bus because the slow person in front of you wouldn’t get out of the way, nobody cares.
  • When your colleague at work gets that promotion over you even though everybody KNOWS you’re the most deserving, nobody cares.
  • When that person steals your car spot, nobody cares.
  • When your life is spiralling out of control, it’s not fair, nothing can seem to go right and all you want is someone to show compassion towards you, nobody cares.

Nobody cares….

Sorry for the sombre message, but I’ve written you to remind you (and myself) that truly nobody cares.

Everyone is living their own life, has their own demons and issues and doesn’t have time to care about yours.

There is no one on this planet with the exact same life experiences as you, no one who has seen everything you have seen or is going through exactly what you are.

The sooner we realise this, and realise it YOU and only you in charge of your own happiness I think this world will be a better one.

  • Don’t like your job? Quit.
  • Sick of your situation? Change it.
  • Over being stuck in a bad relationship? Leave.

Don’t complain about things you’re not willing to change….

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