How To Change Your Life

How To Change Your Life; In Two Easy Steps

We all have the power to change our own lives.  Like real, lasting, substantial change.

To be honest with you, it’s surprisingly easy.  Take my own working example.  At the time of writing I live in South East Asia.  I’ve been here for 5 months.  I work for myself – when I want to.

Otherwise I’m in the pool with my fiance, meditating or reading books.  I run multiple startups and companies – each of which I’m passionate about and engaged in.  They don’t make millions.  But they don’t have to.  I wake up every morning with a sense of purpose, knowing where I’m putting my limited time and attention to.

It’s my life.  My experience.  My time and attention.

How did I get here?

When I decided I wanted out of the “normal” existence, it didn’t seem easy.  

In fact, it seemed like a distant fairytale that you only hear about in self-help book testimonials.  But I hated working in a corporate job, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The thought I might have to do that for the next 30 to 40 years was going to either drive me insane or kill me.

So I decided to change.  I focused my attention on how I could escape.  I focused my time on building that dream into a reality.  6 months later, I quit my job.  I had saved enough to live off for a while, I had started a few ventures and so I bought a ticket to South East Asia and trusted that I could make it work.

Guess what?  It did.

Society doesn’t want you to change

Changing yourself isn’t the hard part.  

Once you’re on the path to change, things actually become easy.  But there’s a lot of prevalent factors that are there to distract us.  The powers that be – be it the government, corporations or whomever you want it to be – prefer you and the rest of society to be docile, obedient workers.  So in comes the common forms of control.  Conformism, mass hypnosis and modern slavery.

I know what you’re thinking – “dude, what the fuck have you been smoking?” – but hear me out.  Society tells us that there is one form of living that we all need to adhere to.  Go to school.  Graduate with good grades. Get a job.  Pay your taxes.  Buy a house.  Consume.  Conform.

Society tells you to conform, not to live differently.

Cause and effect, but not what they tell you

If you don’t follow the mass produced routine – what happens?  

You’re told that you will get in debt, you will lose all your possessions, your family and your life.  But that’s not true.  Not necessarily.

When you decide to change, you will find ways to help people.  You’ll be able to make a living.  You’ll be able to build a better, more fulfilling life out of the ashes of your previously prescribed reality.

That worst-case scenario is just the hypnosis that society has bought into – hook line and sinker.

And more hypnosis – literally from greek hypo, meaning to sleep or subvert and gnosis meaning insight or knowledge – happens all around us.  It’s the TV shows you watch.  It’s the mass-education system we all experience.  It’s the mainstream news we watch.  It’s the religions we follow.

They act to subvert and keep our minds sleeping.  Don’t think for yourself.  Take the blue pill and go back to sleep.

Time and attention

But I think for myself.  I think it’s insane that we willfully want to work for 50 years of our existence in jobs we hate while neglecting the family, the people and the passions we love.  We only have two true currencies we can control.  That’s our time, and our attention.

Do you want to change your life?  I mean seriously live the life that you dream of?  This is how to do it.  Take control of what you spend your time on.  Take control of where you focus your attention.

Step One: Focus your attention

The first step to changing your life is to reflect on what you are focusing on.  

Do you work in a meaningless job, doing meaningless work only to come home after your exhausting daily routine to watch meaningless shit on TV?  Can you see a problem with that?  There’s no time for you.  There’s no time spent on building yourself the life you want.

Here’s a few things you need to do.  Switch off the fucking TV.  Sit down and think about what you want.  Think about it.  Hard.  It’s your life – no one else is going to come and give you a written list of your dreams and ambitions.

Step Two: Start spending time

Have you ever thought about the phrase how you spend your time?

It’s interesting language, spending time.  When you think about it, that’s the only currency we have.  Time.  How we spend it literally can be the difference between running a marathon, or running into a shallow grave.  Our choices on how we spend our time directly changes our future.

Once you know what you want, you know how to spend your time wisely.  It’s no longer living on autopilot.  It’s learning.  Living.  Growing.  

So, learn new things.  Build your own business.  Spend more time with your family.  Focus on your dreams.  Spend the time to work towards your ambitions.  It’s pretty fucking easy, but also pretty god damn hard.  It’s a beautiful paradox.

Bonus Step: Learn the rules of the game

This isn’t mandatory, but it helps.

I like to think of life as a game.  Every game has rules.  Life isn’t any different.  The more you educate yourself on the way our reality works – and how our consciousness works – the better you are at playing the game.

Some people might use this for personal gain, while others for the empowerment of humanity.  It’s a game.  You choose what side you’re on, you choose how you level up.

Life is the best multi-player game in existence; teach yourself the rules, and you’ll have the edge.

The Rules of the Game

The rules of the game will need its own article to cover it in all its depth; you have enough to start.  With these three steps you can change your life – it’s totally possible.

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To recap; you have two forms of currency at your disposal.  Time & Attention.  How you spend these will directly affect your future.  Change & Effect.  If you make changes now – simply by thinking differently – you will affect your future.  Think about what you want.  Focus your attention.  Then spend your time wisely.  I did it.  You can do it too.

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