Could Water Be Fluid Consciousness?

Could Water Be Fluid Consciousness?

Water.  It’s something that we all take for granted, but can’t live without.  Almost all sentient beings are comprised of 60 – 70% water.  It’s inherently built into us.  But do we realise how much it’s built into us?

Preface; Apply Science To Everything

If you’re like me, you like to view the world through a scientific lense.  Sure, you’re open-minded to the possibilities; science is all about putting forward open-minded hypothesis to be thoroughly tested and reviewed.  However, everything should and can go through the scientific method for collective analysis and investigation.  

Another part of you – or others of you – might view the world as an infinite realm of possibilities.  You cannot rule anything out, because the universe is too damn big and we are too simple-minded as a species to be able to workout the complexities that exist.  Spirituality, universal collectivism and the power of our shared consciousness to manifest reality seems plausible, yet elusive of modern science.  


The Latest Findings in Science

If our preface describes you, then get ready to be seriously blow away.  We have found that our journey into discovering spirituality and consciousness – from a scientific point of view – has led us to find some amazing new studies on the world around us.

Science has yet to explain what consciousness is.  We are making huge breakthroughs into neurology.  We are starting to understand more and more about life, evolution, genealogy, DNA and particle physics.  But there are still more questions than answers.  

Science is starting to catch up and explain some of the secrets the ancients passed to us from eons past.

Water; The Fluid Wonder

Enter Dr. Jerry Pollack.  He is a professor in the bioengineering department of the University of Washington.  Dr. Pollack has spent the last 10 years researching the role of water in biological tissue, and his discoveries could have a profound impact on our understanding of disease and healing.

His latest finding in his specialisation, molecular structure, are nothing short of mind blowing.  

Water Can Self-Organise Into Geometric Grids

Dr. Pollack has found that water can self organise when exposed to energy.  It will create sheets of hexadecimal bonds that ionise into polar charged energy fields.  

These natural “batteries” are able to bond around an object and create a force field with electrical charge.  More on that later.

The fact that water can self-organise into geometric grids deserves our attention.  We know from molecular biology that water molecules generally remain separated besides surface tension.  Fluidity maintains a fluid structure.  However, when exposed to energy water molecules structure into sheets.  


Water Structures into DNA-like Spirals

Science has long debated how life began.  We know that simple proteins like RNA were the stepping blocks into DNA, the foundation of life as we know it.  DNA is the the blueprints of coded replication.  It’s found in all forms of life.  

What the team at Washington University have found is that energised water forms the same structure that DNA creates.  The infamous double helix spiral.

Water Self-Structures To Store Energy

These structural force fields are exclusion zones that are formed in water when UV energy is increased.  It causes a positive and negative charge divide and charges the water battery.  Watch this video below from 24:00 onwards.  It’s amazing.

Water Retains Energy; In All Forms?

Thanks to the work of Dr. Pollack, we’ve proven these amazing abilities that water holds.  It can retain electrical charge from ultraviolet radiation energy.  It can create a force field that retains this charge.  It can self create structure when exposed to energy.  These are the facts.

Now, follow me down an interesting path of scientific mentalism.  Everything is mental.  All action is the effect of causation.  Here’s where we start to see this principle in effect.  

What scientists have discovered about water recently is breath-taking.  Firstly, let’s look at Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto who studied water crystal formation.   His initial research was looking at crystalline formation of water from around the world and with different levels of pollution. 

In controlled settings, Dr. Emoto and his scientists trialled a hundreds of scenarios where they “emotionally charged” pools of water.  They had various techniques to do so.  They played music to the water.  They had monks meditate focusing on these pools of water.  They played videos that would impart a set emotion.  

The scientists then froze the water and found that the water crystallized in various patterns.  What was amazing about this study – which has been peer reviewed by numerous scientists –  that the formation of these crystals were majorly altered by which emotional charging they were exposed to.  This data was aggregated over numerous cases.  The verdict?  If water retains emotional charge, our emotions manifest physical changes in water structure.

Our Minds Change Our Environment

What this study seems to prove is the power of mentalism.  We can project our thoughts and emotions which in turn cause water to physically manifest an altered crystal formation.  If water can store energy, is it also storing emotions?  Can it store memories?  We know where this storage begins – where does this storage end?

If water can retain a footprint of our emotional experience, we are sharing our experience.  Collectively, we are changing the environment around us not only with our actions but with our thoughts and emotions.

Our Universal Consciousness

We all have an innate feeling of collectivism.  Neurology has shown that the same neurons fire in our brains when watching someone in pain as the brain of the person in pain.  We mirror the same frequencies that the other person is transmitting.  One could say we are receiving their frequency; in an emotionally charged moment.  

Is it impossible to believe that our emotional – some would say spiritual – minds are able to broadcast energy that is received by the universe around us?  If human biology is proven to do so, along with the molecular structure of water, could it be that we are mentally sharing our spiritual experiences through our emotions?  What implications does this have on our day-to-day existence?  

Our Emotional Imprint

Let me end on the following truisms.  All matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Everything is mental.  Everything has a cause and effect.  We are all beings sharing an aggregated collective experience.  

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