Automation – The Way Of The Future

I’ve just returned from Palm Beach, Florida. I was there for a week for a digital marketing conference. I learnt about what’s new in the digital marketing world and what to expect in the future. One big thing, was voice activate search, where one of the speakers used an example using a Google Home.
I’m a sucker for new technology and went and picked up one for myself before heading home. On first impression its pretty cool. I can play Spotify through it, ask for the weather, traffic conditions in my area. I can even ask it to book me an Uber! I haven’t even scratched the surface with what it can do which is the most exciting part.
It’s got me thinking about automation and smart products. One thing that caught my eye at Best Buy where I bought my Google home was the huge prevalence of smart products.

Smart products are the new black

Picture this, you like to enjoy a beer after work most nights. Your smart fridge knows on average you like to drink 1 beer per evening. Once you get down to 2 left it knows to order you more through a home delivery service. Meaning you always have cold a cold beer waiting for you when you get home.
That’s not all, you’ve gone on holiday for a week. Your smart light bulbs turn on at random times throughout the week to deter burglars from knowing you’re away. If your front door sensor light is activated you get a notification on your phone to let you know. You can then check a security camera to see who’s there. A safer, smarter home.
In the not so distant future, all our products will be smart products. They’ll talk to each other. I’ve heard they’ll hook into our power grid and turn on at the most efficient time. Your dishwasher will know you get home at 6pm and will make sure it’s done before then, but at the most energy efficient time!

Good or bad?

Although this new technology is a scary thought for some, my view is its fucking awesome. Removing the mundane tasks we humans have to think about daily will allow us to do so much more. More time with our families and friends, more time to spend on hobbies, more time to be mindless, the list goes on!

Where to now for smart products?

The answer is I don’t know, but I’m excited to see what the future holds. What do you think? Leave a reply in the comments.

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