The 21 Day Gratitude Challenge: Mental Health Awareness Month

What if you could do something that changes your life now?

Well, you can.  By committing to a simple gratitude practice daily, you can make a profound difference in how you feel starting today.

Sure, you’ve heard a lot about gratitude, and certainly Oprah has done more than her share of advocating for it. But just because we know about something doesn’t mean we do it. Saying “eat kale” over and over doesn’t have much of an effect on your health unless you do it, right? Same with strengthening your sense of gratitude—it’s a muscle that you must flex to reap the benefits of.

And those benefits are manifold. Gratitude has been shown to reduce the negative effects of stress, improve sleep, and cultivate positive emotions (here’s some research to prove it).

This year, make a resolution that is both easy and fun and take our 21-day gratitude challenge.

Benefits to sticking with this practice:

  1. Less stressed
  2. Energy levels will rise
  3. Improve your business outcomes
  4. Become more productive
  5. Improve your relationships
  6. Be better at sales

Don’t believe these claims?  Here’s Harvard Psychologist Shawn Anchor outlining this exact program in his TEDx Talk which inspired us to create our program.

So What is Gratitude Training?

Glad you asked!  What’s involved in this process is roughly a 5-minute daily exercise – that doesn’t include meditation or exercise as that’s an optional part of our challenge.

All you need to spend is 2 minutes a day, for 21 days:

  1. 3 Gratitudes
  2. Journalling
  3. Random Acts of Kindness
  4. Exercise
  5. Meditation

3 Gratitudes

1. Sign in to Mindless and open your daily practice.

2. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for. As you write them, give yourself a moment to really focus on each thing, like you’re savoring something delicious. They can be super simple—and nothing is too small. For example: 1. I am so grateful for being alive 2. I am so grateful for my heath  3. I am so grateful for my loving wife/husband/parents/kids/pet/pot plants 


This task is simple.  Write down one thing you’re grateful for that happened to you today.  For example: 1. Favorite coffee this AM 2. Easy commute home 3. Funny chat with my brother

Random Act of kindness

Kindness makes the world go round; for this section, you need to send a kind message of love, thanks or appreciation to a friend, family member or colleague to thank them for being in your life.

Exercise & Meditation

The benefits of exercise and meditation are staggering.  We suggest trying these out for 21 days as a part of our challenge.  These are optional, but highly recommended!

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