10 Happiness Hacks for a great 2017

Your brain is like a computer operating system. You can program it to choose happiness.

Here are 10 great happiness hacks to smash 2017!

  • Worrying about money is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness, but no amount of money can make you happy unless you shift into gratitude and abundance mode.
  • Worrying is also a misuse of your imagination. You’re better odd using your energy doing things that you can control and accept the rest.
  • Your expectations determine your experiences. Expect the best out of every day and your will usually get it.
  • Most of the things that go wrong won’t last. Ask yourself if it will still matter in a year’s time. When the answer is no, then it doesn’t matter today.
  • Being optimistic is not about being naive that nothing can go wrong. Its understanding that things can go wrong, but expecting them to go right.
  • Understanding no matter how bad things are at a moment in time, the time will pass and your life will be good again.
  • Choose your battles wisely. Unless it’s worth fighting for, walk away and spare your energy.
  • Have the courage to say ‘no’ to the things you don’t want, to allow yourself to ‘yes’ to the things you do want.
  • Putting yourself first doesn’t mean you put everyone else last. Do the right things for you, without doing the wrong things by anyone else.
  • Regardless of your experiences in 2016, it’s never too late to start backing yourself. Be courageous in your decision making. Stand by your choices and never look back.

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Here’s to an amazing 2017!!

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