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The 21 Day Gratitude Challenge: Mental Health Awareness Month

Sure, you’ve heard a lot about gratitude, and certainly Oprah has done more than her share of advocating for it. But just because we know about something doesn’t mean we do it. Saying “eat kale” over and over doesn’t have much of an effect on your health unless you do it, right? Same with strengthening your sense of gratitude—it’s a muscle that you must flex to reap the benefits of.

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10 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness

Consciousness is said to be the state of awareness of ourselves and our surroundings. I personally feel that it represents an awakening to the truth about the society we live in and our own individual power. The more conscious I become, the more I want to seek out truth and improve myself. Here is my interpretation of Mark Passio’s 10 step path to overcome the insanity through self improvement.

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